There are a lot of “justice hero” in this country. We have to be brave to let the world know about what they done for the justice and their dedication to this country. We will have Annual Award Program to choose THE JUSTICE HERO OF THE YEAR in Indonesia.


This program is dedicated to develop Indonesian entrepreneur capability to enter the global market. We are opened to all the parties (government institutions, private companies, or NGO) who willing to be our partner in this program. Until now we already receive 200 more applicants.


We encourages personal and professional development, and dedicates substantial resources to our in-house education and training programs, which include:
  • Focus Groups Discussion– Our lawyers and of counsel are organized and encouraged to participate in focus groups that delve into issues facing a specific practice area. They involve senior lawyers working closely with junior associates;
  • Lawyer Classes – every week a lawyer class is held to discuss a current and relevant Indonesian legal issue. Every associate is encouraged to lead a class in discussion and prepare and present materials on their chosen topic;
  • English Classes – multiple weekly instructional classes are provided for all lawyers, and staff.
  • Seminars & Conferences & Publications – all of our attorneys are encouraged to continue learning while on the job and participate in legal and business conferences and workshops. They are also encouraged to write publications and contribute to academic law journals.
  • Training Center – We also provide the various of legal training programs and seminars. Local law organizations and student groups are encouraged to use our facility for their events and learning. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


We dedicate to realize the justice in the society. We believe that we can work with society to develop transparancy & democracy in Indonesia.

We have :
Court Watch Society
Government Watch Society

Please welcome to all the public society who willing to enforce the justice. Who are brave to break the wrongful system in this country. Now, this time for us to speak up and destroy the bad habit and systemic problem in the court and bureaucracy. It’s time to the real people power!! We believe that Indonesia still can growing strong as a nation. We fight for the better future of Indonesia. Let’s work together, no matters you are from. Let’s watch and fix it.


IBBF is a business forum designed to organize business forum & site visit journeys to Indonesia as well as Bahrain which have both a business and a cultural component. The purpose of these visits is to paint a detailed and clear picture about business and investment opportunities in Indonesia and Bahrain, through attending presentations given by both countries companies and informative meetings with the staff of investments in these countries. Moreover – in line with the philosophy of Indonesia Investments & Bahrain Incestments- will also be given to the cultural side of Indonesia & Bahrain by visiting museums, historic sites and other interesting places. These visits (including accommodations, travels, meetings and sightseeing) are fully prepared and arranged by IBBF in order to ensure our clients a relaxing, enjoyable and – most importantly – an informative time.

IBBF offers a superb and cost-effective platform for you to promote your brand, meet new clients and align yourselves with the key players in both countries. If you are serious about expanding your business or entering the Indonesia & Bahrain market, and would like to find out more on how you can do this , be part of us or for the details do not hesitate to contact us.

IBBF is inisiated since 2013 to promote trade and investment between Bahrain and Indonesia in a non-discriminatory and non-political making manner. It works to create and sustain a favourable business environment. The IBBF strives to assist and introduce new trade and investment’s to both countries that can benefit and enhance the common economic interests. For the further information, please visit


Iran ASEAN Business Forum (IABF) is an entity or forum to provide, to establish, to grow the Iran trade and investment links in the ASEAN region, to organize trade missions for members and to serve as an advisory board for senior Iran policy-makers. The purpose of this business forum is to discuss and result the Iran-Asean workplan to implement the Joint Declaration on several strategic among countries in Trade, Investment, Tourism, Culture, and Education. In IABF first year of operation, it can produce a number of key initiatives to enhance outcomes for Iranian business in the region. These include the commissioning an Opportunity Study for Iranian SMEs and a Business Challenges Survey to better understand the obstacles of doing business in ASEAN.

IABF membership includes leading Iranian enterprises active in the ASEAN, and open to any Iranian company which conducting business or considering doing business in the region. Honourary members include representatives of Iranian Chambers of Commerce in ASEAN, provincial governments and the Iranian Trade Commissioner Service.